The centre is led by the Head Teacher with teams of Teachers and Nursery Nurses organising the school day and delivering the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum.

The Community Inclusion Team provides additional support for identified children and their families. All staff are suitably qualified.

The centre’s needs are also met through the support of the Administrative Staff, the Site Supervisor and Lunchtime Supervisors.

Head Teacher
Alison Lentz

Senco Team
Megan, Lynn, Kari, Eunice and Neil

Ellie and Norah

Family Support Worker

Nursery Nurses
Lara, Laura, Teresa, Vicky, Faiza, Lynn, Meena, Francesca, Sahra, Johanna, Andrea and Renae

Teaching Assistants
Annie, Fauzia, Nusrrat, Raisa, Emily, Munir, Tayshon and Amina

Midday Staff

Senior Admin Assistant

Site Supervisor