Royal Albert Hall

On Wednesday the 9th Of October, some of the children and their parents went to see ‘The Music for Youth Primary Proms’. Which provides primary-aged children across the UK with the opportunity to experience live music in major concert halls across the country in order to encourage their involvement with music in the future.

It was a very long day. We left the nursery and made our way on the central line to Hyde Park. The trains were very busy and but some of us were lucky enough to get a seat.

Once we got off the train, we had to take a walk across the park to the Royal Albert Hall. Well some of us walked while some of us ran, it was so much fun!   Once inside the Royal Albert hall we made our way to the boxes. We were all so very excited, we were able to sit on the chairs and have a look at all of the other children seated below; we also had a great view of the stage.  We sat for a while and listened to all of the lovely school bands and choirs we even had a go at joining in with clapping to some of the songs. There were a few points where we found the music a little loud but overall it was so amazing to hear and see all of the performances.

Once leaving the Royal Albert Hall we heading back into Hyde Park for some lunch, the picnics we had brought with us were so yummy.

Once we had finished eating, we decided to run off all that we had eaten on our way back across the park to The Diana Memorial Play Park. We had lots of fun inside, there was a giant boat that some of us climbed, a big slide and many things to climb. We were all so sad when we had to leave to come home.

Our journey home took us back on the central line all the way to Stratford and back to the nursery.

It was such a great day!