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Now your child is starting nursery


  • By making regular donations to centre funds, a small donation every week helps towards expenses for cooking, photographs and celebrations. A money box is to be found in each classroom.
  • By encouraging healthy eating (leave crisps and sweets at home!). The nursery provides water and milk to drink and fruit to taste. Children participate in cooking / tasting activities so please inform us of any dietary needs or allergies.
  • By checking hair regularly ~ children are susceptible to Headlice but these are easily treated.
  • By reporting any injuries / accidents sustained at home. We have a duty to follow up unexplained injuries and report child protection concerns to Social Care.
  • The Child Protection Officer is Alison Lentz.
  • By keeping clinic and hospital appointments. Keep staff informed of these absences.
  • By closing external doors and the front gate. The children's safety is of paramount importance.
  • By not parking your car on the zig-zag lines or across the gates. It is much healthier to walk to nursery!
  • By leaving dogs at home as they are not permitted in the centre grounds,
  • By not smoking in the centre grounds.
  • By becoming a PARENT HELPER - staff appreciate an extra pair of hands in the classroom for activities such as cooking, reading stories, using different languages, singing, playing games, running the loan library.
  • By leaving your mobile phone switched off whilst on the premises – give your child your full attention.
  • By asking permission before you take photographs.

Parents and carers

Parent View

OFSTED have a duty to listen to the views of parents. The main way they can access these views is through Parent View. All parents are encouraged to complete Parent View online. Click on the link to open their website.