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Ian Sutton, Co-opted Governor

I have over 20 years’ experience of local government and early years having set up and run Children’s Centre services in three London boroughs. I came to Newham as a Children’s Services Commissioner and began to work closely with RONEC helping to set up the ‘Connect With Me’ project for children with ASD.

I became the Newham local authority representative on the Governing Body in 2018 but left the Council soon after to work for the charity Ambitious About Autism. But, working with the school and the staff had been so enjoyable and rewarding that I continued to support the school as a Co-opted Governor.

Martin Crosier, Parent Governor

I wanted to become parent governor to help the continual improvement and success of RONEC. I currently have my second child going through the nursery school and benefitting from the excellent practices and experience of all staff. I aim to help the HT, all staff, children and parents get the most out of their time and broaden the message to potential future attendees. In particular as a parent of two SEN children I have first hand knowledge on how beneficial the right early education plans can be and aim to widen this message and advice to the wider community.

As a director in a live entertainment venue group, I bring many skills from a commercial and business background in particular being able to advise on the subjects of marketing campaigns, technology, sales, project management and finance.



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  • March 19

Welcome to the first of our regular RONEC Governors’ blog!

March 2019

It’s been a busy term for the RONEC Governors. We meet as a full Governing Board once every term but there are also two committees that look at curriculum and finance and that also meet every term to discuss planning, policies and the funding that keeps RONEC going.

The Governor committees met on the 18 th March when we were delighted to welcome Martin Crosier as the new Parent Governor.
At the meeting we also received feedback from Alison Lentz, the Head Teacher about the recent, highly successful visit by Ofsted who are responsible for measuring the effectiveness and quality of
the school and awarding a grade of either Outstanding, Good, Requires Improvement or Inadequate.

At the last full inspection in 2013 RONEC was graded as Good. The most recent visit by Ofsted was what is called a ‘Section 8’ visit which is a short inspection to monitor progress. Ofsted rules mean that an inspector can’t change a grade following a ‘Section 8’ visit but, the inspection report we received suggested that the inspector found sure signs that we are on track to move from Good to Outstanding.

The staff and Governors have believed this all along so it was exciting and encouraging to see this backed up by the inspectors findings. Because of the report – and all the positive things
the inspector found – we are almost certain to get a full inspection within the next 12 months. And that’s exciting because it will be the opportunity we have waited for to show Ofsted that we truly
are an outstanding school.

Immediately following the inspection a group of governors took time out of their day jobs and busy lives as parents to hold a short ‘awayday’ to start planning for the future (we didn’t actually go
‘away’ - there’s always tea, cake and a smile at RONEC so we happily held our ‘awayday’ in Room 5!). It was a fantastic day and we spent most of it looking at the school’s strengths and the challenges we face. The strengths are obvious:

  • The fact that we have excellent, highly trained and experienced staff
  • The fact that we are at the heart of the local community (and have been for a very long
  • The fact that we are a centre of excellence for young children with Special Educational
    Needs & Disabilities (SEND) and,
  • The fact that we are a nursery school which means that our children are supported by
    qualified teachers who are dedicated to teaching very young children – a combination you
    won’t find anywhere else (a private nursery may not have a qualified teacher and primary
    schools are not always experts when it comes to 2, 3 and 4 year olds).

These four key strengths give us a lot to work with and we will be putting plans in place to make the most of them over the coming year.
But, there are challenges as well. One of our biggest challenges is (of course) money. There is less of it around and we are constantly being asked to do more with the little we have. Although there are clear benefits to children who attend a nursery school (for all the reasons given above), it is hard for
us because we are paid for each child individually and we receive the same money as a nursery which may not employ as many qualified teachers. Qualified teachers give the best education but
they are more expensive. At the same time, we often find that parents will move their children to a nursery class in a primary school because they think it means they are more likely to get a place in that school. This is not necessarily the case. Parents are often disappointed and confused when they don’t get a place and we lose funding every time we lose a child.

But despite these problems, we see the future as being bright for RONEC. The new developments in Stratford mean that there will be new families and new opportunities to support them. For a
number of years RONEC has been the base for Newham Council’s Early Years SEND Hub and we have built an excellent reputation in supporting pre-school age children with additional needs. And, as a nursery school with excellent staff, we are well on the way to be recognised as the truly outstanding school you have chosen for your children.