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Aims and Ethos of Ronald Openshaw Nursery Education Centre (R.O.N.E.C)

Play Your Way to Success at RONEC

We aim to:

  • Provide a warm and welcoming environment
  • Provide a safe and secure place to learn
  • Enable all children to be confident, independent learners and achieve their full potential
  • Enable children to feel good about themselves
  • Enable children to communicate with others
  • Make learning fun

We believe:

  • Young children learn best through play - so we provide an exciting range of play-based learning opportunities both indoors and out for children to enjoy
  • In providing a high quality learning environment- by employing a team of qualified early years staff led by teachers, planning an appropriate early years curriculum and assessing progress through observation, sampling of work and self-reflection
  • Parents/carers are their child's first educators- so we involve parents in target setting and developing individual programmes for their child as well as supporting them through challenging times
  • Every child has the right to attend nursery- so we provide appropriate support and resources to make this happen
  • Diversity enriches the environment- so we respect and celebrate different cultural traditions and languages
  • Care and education are inseparable - so we ensure individual needs are met through careful consultation with parents/carers